Martin's Farm Compost and Mulch

Customer Testimonials

planters full of green vegetables
It’s the best material I have ever grown in

-- Rich

We used the Loam & Compost mix and the plants blew up! (grew fast & beautiful)

-- John

I would like to order more of your Black Gold! [We have many of these!]
Garden did noticeably better and we had broccoli coming out of our ears

-- Frank

My tomatoes had no disease and my neighbor lost his early in the season

-- Kate

I had beans all summer long from just one planting

-- Carol

I was amazed, the Compost rejuvenated my garden. The vegetables kept growing and growing

-- Judy

I've been using Black Gold for many years; couldn’t survive without it. It has been just what I needed for fertility and moisture retention. I love it

-- Joan

My flowers did very well, they were prolific, had strong stems and bright colors

-- Carolyn

I was picking tomatoes all winter from Nov to Feb in my greenhouse using your loam and compost mix

-- John

My garden last year was the best I ever had

-- Dee

My neighbor used your compost last year and her garden was 10 times better than mine without it -- Denny
We had grass growing where we could never get it to grow before using your compost

-- Amy

Friends and neighbors were taking tomatoes from my 30 plants by the 5 gallon buckets after I got tired of picking them myself !

-- Debi

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