Martin's Farm Compost and Mulch

Product Delivery

We deliver our products to an approximate 50 mile radius and there are minimums that apply for both "in-town" and "out-of-town" deliveries.

The minimum Compost delivery in Greenfield is 3 yards; for Loam & Compost mix or any of the mulches, the minimum is 4 yards.

The further away we go, the more we have to bring in order to make the trip worthwhile.

Split loads of two products to the same address, or a large load split between two neighbors of the same product are possible.

$20 charge applied to all split loads.

Truck Charges

We charge $110 per hour for our large trucks, which can carry up to 22 yards, depending on the product.

We charge $80 per hour for our small trucks, which can hold 10 to 12 yards, depending on the weight of the material.

Special Delivery Options

Also available for your convenience, we have access to a 65 yard dump trailer for larger loads. The hourly charge for this truck is $100 per hour. Please call at least two days in advance so we can schedule this special delivery service for you.