Martin's Farm Compost and Mulch

Organic Premium Compost

$65 per yard

Our compost is made with great care. We constantly monitor air, moisture and temperature. Our compost heats up to about 140 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This kills weed seeds and pathogens that may otherwise be found in it. This heating is a naturally occurring process caused by the micro-organisms. The compost is made up of leaves, manures, grass, recycled food waste, cardboard and paper.

We are currently making some of the best compost we have ever made in our history. It is high in macro and micro nutrients, low in soluble salts (which is good), and high in organic matter -- which is good for both sandy and clay soils. Adding our compost to your gardens will improve the tilth (ease of working the soil) and will allow your soil to hold up to four times its weight in water during a dry spell. Our compost is teaming with beneficial micro-organisms that allow the plants to grow a better root system, which can then access more of the natural fertility in the soil particles. There are a lot of different composts on the market today. Many are poorly made and they do nothing at all to enrich the soil; some can cause problems for the plants they are supposed to help. Not so, with Martin’s Compost.

Disclaimer about Plastic in our Compost

The food stocks that are used in the recipe for Martin’s Farm compost come from sources near you: schools, restaurants, grocery stores, homes, businesses, and farms in Franklin County. We have very high standards for our compost, and this is a priority. We have purchased the very latest equipment and gone to great lengths training our staff to insure that all efforts are made to sort, separate, and remove all plastics from the mixture at all steps in the process, creating the most organic content and highest purity possible in our final compost products. Perfection is our goal, but the reality is that some small plastic particles will still escape through the process and end up in the final product, some of which are biodegradable plastics that take more time to dissolve than our process allows.

Be assured of our complete commitment for a greener tomorrow, and exceeding our State’s organic waste diversion plan specifications. We will never stop doing our best to improve the purity of our compost, and making a positive difference in our community.

Adam Martin, owner
Martin's Farm Compost & Recycling