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Martin's Farm Compost and Mulch

Martin's Farm, a local family-owned business in Greenfield, MA, has been producing top quality compost and mulch for thirty years. Our customers in Western Massachusetts are using our organic compost, along with our other products, with great success.

Our compost is made up of leaves, manures, grass, recycled food wastes, cardboard and paper. With these organic wastes come many beneficial organisms that thrive in the shredded and mixed material. We are currently monitoring temperature, moisture, and oxygen to achieve the best growing environment for the micro-organisms.

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The composting process takes about three months to transform these materials into rich, dark compost (Black Gold). The compost is matured for another month or so, then screened and stockpiled, or sold.

The "screening process" screens out materials that did not break down enough; foreign material, and wood chips. Screening down to 3/8 of an inch, the resulting compost is light, fluffy, and easy to handle. This relatively quick three to four month process results in capturing more of the nitrogen and other naturally occurring nutrients, as well as a high percentage of organic matter which help grow healthy and happy plants in our customers' gardens.

Our customers include home growers, organic farmers and greenhouse growers, landscapers and commercial farmers. Our compost, mulches and other products are sold all over the Connecticut River Valley. You can bring your truck to our farm and we will load it for you or we can deliver it in our trucks. We do have minimum delivery and charges for trucking, so please see our delivery page for more information.

We test each windrow of compost to be sure it meets our standards. These test results are available to our customers upon request.

Please check out the rest of our website for all our products, prices, services, and testimonials.

Martin's Farm Compost and Mulch

341 Plain Road, Greenfield, MA 01301 -- 413-774-5631

Adam Martin, 1st Place Winner of the Franklin County Fair Parade, 2015.

Paul Franz photo.